39 DAYS TO GO TEAM! If you haven’t already it’s time to get your body moving. Let’s do this together. This week Elouera SLSC‘s own Steve ‘Chris Hemsworth’ Bryen of the famous Greatmen crew has provided our workout challenge. If you want to mix it up jump back and check out week 1 and 2 workouts.
Even if you’re not going to take part in the row give our weekly workouts a crack and challenge your mates and family to it too. This year’s row is all about keeping active, being positive and staying connected – as much as you can.

39 DAYS TO GO TEAM! If you haven't already it's time to get your body moving. Let's do this together. This week Elouera…

Posted by 24 Hour Row on Sunday, July 12, 2020


5 x 5 BIKE / ERGO

  • 5 min on ergo (aim to keep heart rate between 140-160)
  • 5 min on spin bike (aim to keep HR 100-120)

Repeat 5 times



Assign an exercise to each suit. Shuffle the deck then draw cards and do the exercise the required amount of times.

  • Ace = 14 reps
  • King = 13 reps
  • Queen = 12 reps
  • Jack = 11 reps

Number cards as per the card

Joker is 10 reps of all 4 exercises one after the other.

  • Hearts = squats with shoulder press
  • Diamonds = burpees
  • Clubs = lunges ( 1 on each leg equals 1 rep)
  • Spades = push-ups

(you can also get an app that draws the cards for you)


SAND RUNNING: soft/hard sand

  • Set a course approx 500m
  • Run the soft sand 500m at a reasonable intensity ( HR 120-140) then light jog back to the start on hard sand.
  • Complete 6 times
  • All 3 workouts should take no more than an hour

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