It’s two months to go until the 24 Hour Row and we’ve got our first workout to get you moving. With the help of the sweeps and coaches from all our participating clubs, we’ll bring you a fresh workout each week to inspire you to get fit and get connected over this cold, winter period and prepare you for your one-hour slog on the erg.

Remember, this year we understand that raising funds will be difficult for some, but the most important thing is to raise awareness of our incredible charities who run life-changing programs in our communities. Gotcha4Life and One Eighty. Take the next two months as a personal challenge to work towards a great physical and mental goal in rowing for one hour as well as inspiring your friends and family to get moving and stay connected. It’s the best thing you can do to help people during this tough time – lead by example physically and mentally.

This week Brent Williams from Crossfit Avalon Beach has designed a three-day workout for us all to get everything moving. You don’t need an erg to get fit. Watch the video and have a g.




Duration: 3-4 minutes at 50-60-70% effort – On a tennis court or equivalent running between interval points.

Mobilise your body and get it into gear. We want to activate the glutes, open the hips, stretching the calves and mobilising the shoulders.



5KM run to start to improve your cardio. Nice and easy but a good way to increase and decrease your heart rate. On your run lift your speed between every two telegraph posts then lower the speed the next two. Continue for the duration of the 5km run.



  • 20 seconds of work
  • 10 seconds of rest
  • 8 rounds
  • 4 minutes each  – the repeat


  • Skipping
  • Pushups
  • Box jumps or Plyometric Lunges
  • Squats



2000m timed row – if you don’t have access to an erg double back on the 5km run.

Every minute on the minute jump off the erg and do 5 full burpees. We’re going to re-test this in 2 months. You should be able to do this around 8-9 minutes once you’re fit.



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