Team Information

“We see a world where people are open, honest and supportive in their relationships and comfortable to express themselves when they are not ok. We envisage a society in which everyone has a Gotcha4Life mate who they can open up to, warts and all and rely on no matter what” – Founder Gus Worland


The statistics surrounding suicide in Australia are alarming and trending in the wrong direction.

Gotcha4Life was established because we do not accept the alarming statistics surrounding suicide in Australia, with eight people taking their life every day.

Given $9.1bn of Government funding was spent on treating poor mental health and suicide prevention in 2016/17, Gotcha4Life believes greater emphasis should be on the prevention of poor mental health.


We believe in the concept of Prevention through Connection and raise awareness of the importance of identifying a close friend in your life, someone you can speak openly and honestly to when times are tough.

We champion the idea of mental fitness, building the social and emotional muscle and the resilience required to deal better with the challenges that life throws at us.


Gotcha4Life is a not-for-profit Foundation that funds sustainable educational workshops, training programmes and products building this mental fitness in communities across Australia, to enable strong, open and binding relationships.